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AVAILABLE : PLAY, by Manuel Herrero


Play is a portrait of the human spirit through sports.


Everywhere, people play sports. They play to get together, to entertain, to test their limits and go beyond them. They play to achieve excellence. It is one of the few things that connects every person on the planet. It levels the playing field while raising the bar.


From the first primitive impulse to the greatest show on earth, from the most obscure, unheard of sport to the most broadcast, from the dry plateaus of Ethiopia to stadiums pulsing with cheering fans, PLAY travels to the heart of this universal activity that transcends barriers of class, cultures, and even time.


PLAY unfolds like an opera, combining dazzling high-definition sports scenes with high-quality images from recent archives, and drawing on the voices of the world’s greatest champions interlaced with those of its most anonymous athletes.


The film is a spectacular story of our diversity, but also of what binds us together.


With the support of G. de Blignières, Accuracy, Arsène Taxand

Available on LE-Right Website




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