Bonne Pioche Cinéma


Buoyed by successes such as Luc Jacquet's THE MARCH OF THE PENGUINS and THE FOX AND THE CHILD (which together drew over 2 million viewers in France), BONNE PIOCHE CINEMA invests in ambitious projects that fit into its editorial policy of unique family films that speak to and touch a broad spectrum of viewers. 


After the incredible story of Antarctica's emperor penguins, seen in over 60 countries, was awarded an Oscar, BEING JACQUES CHIRAC by Karl Zero and Michel Royer won the Cesar for Best Documentary, the same category that Antoine de Maximy's HOLLYWOOD, I'M SLEEPING OVER TONIGHT was nominated in two years later. BONNE PIOCHE then went on to produce TOSCAN, THE FRENCH TOUCH, Isabelle Partiot-Pieri's portrait of the famous film producer that was selected for Cannes Classics and won of the Audience Special Prize at the ColCoa Festival (Los Angeles).


In 2011, BONNE PIOCHE CINEMA coproduced Pierre Pinaud's ON AIR starring Karin Viard and Nicolas Duvauchelle and, in 2012, produced Joel Franka's UNE CHANSON POUR MA MÈRE with Sylvie Testud, Patrick Timsit and Dave.


In 2013, the company released Luc Jacquet's ONCE UPON A FOREST. In 2015, it produced Christophe Lioud's first film, TWISTING FATE. It also joined forces with ALOEST to coproduce the documentary D'UN RÊVE A L'AUTRE  by Xavier de Lauzanne and in summer began shooting L'APPART coproduced with REZO PRODUCTIONS, a family comedy directed by Gabriel Julien-Laferrière with Julie Gayet, Chantal Ladesou, Julie Depardieu, Thierry Neuvic, Lucien Jean-Baptiste, Arié Elmaleh, Claudia Tagbo and Philippe Katerine.


With ten films to date, BONNE PIOCHE CINEMA has obtained seven Cesar nominations and one Bafta nomination, and has won one Oscar, two Cesars, a Victoire de la Musique, a Magritte and an Audience Special Prize at ColCoa.