Bonne Pioche Télévision


In 2009, BONNE PIOCHE TELEVISION was created to further the audiovisual production that began in 1993. This branch produces films and documentary series, magazines, video clips and recordings for nearly every French television network as well as foreign ones. 


With a catalogue of about 400 programmes, BONNE PIOCHE TELEVISION strives to surprise viewers with original and innovative formats.

Documentary series such as RENDEZ-VOUS IN AN UNKNOWN LAND, I'M SLEEPING OVER TONIGHT, IT'S A BARE-FACED CHEEK! and MISSION EXPLORATION are just a few of the collections that have added to the company's renown.


With three hubs of production run by a group of associate producers, BONNE PIOCHE TELEVISION pursues a compelling and ambitious editorial policy that offers an increasingly curious public an original, human and pertinent view of the world we live in.